I'm the furry one with big teeth.

Charles Caleb Burgess


  My art is driven by a need to process observations of the world around me and morph an in-ward experience into a shareable and tangible work. I view painting as an interaction that blends many small decisions with life experiences and ideas, leaving evidence of the dialogue on the canvas.

  I practice line economy within my drawing; using the width, length and absence of line to convey as much information as possible allowing the drawing to have a practical structure that makes sense in our 3D world and form the foundation for my paintings.  The painting process is often energetic and messy, focusing on rhythm and color to bring out the richness I observe through everyday life and people. I combine a variety of traditional and self-taught techniques, working mostly with acrylic and aerosol. I build all of my own stretchers and frames in my studio and find the work an inspiring contrast to my time painting.